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Welcome to tavi-motto.com site!

This is Tsupotto and Tabotto.

As an old adult, we like to go travel and to walk local streets to find tasty food.

As our reference as well, we are writing a blog about our trip and good foods.

If you are not accustomed to plan your trip by yourself, there are some many things which is troublesome like finding how to book flight tickets, book train tickets, learn transporation at a destination  place, etc.

But, we  like to plan a trip by ourselves so that we can promote our trip as we want.

We hope that this blog will help you to plan your trip easier.

We also write a blog about SIM we used at local places, so please refer to it as well!

In this site, we introduce places we have traveled and we will let you know how we have arranged our own trip by ourselves.

This site is for whom want to travel overseas without a help by tour agent and to gather information how other people are arranging their trips by themselves.

We hope that our blog will be your help when you plan your own trip!

Oversea trip ASIA→Click here for the blog about oversea trip in Asia (Sorry not yet translated in English)

Oversea trip EUROPE→Click here for the blog about oversea trip in Europe (Only a few articles are translated)

Trip in Japan→Click here for the blog about within Japan (Sorry not yet translated in English)

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