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Going to Doai Station known as the deepest platform in Japan

2021/10/03   -Trip in Japan

If you plan to go to Tanigawadake Ropeway, I recommend you stop by Doai station. It is only a 10-15 …

Going to Tanigawadake Ropeway located between Gunma pref. and Niigata pref.

2021/09/30   -Trip in Japan

Tanigawadake is located between Gunma prefecture and Niigata prefecture. It takes only 2 hours from …


Enjoy Shabu Shabu less than 20 USD in Japan

2021/08/04   -Tokyo restaurants

Do you know Shabu Shabu? It is a Japanese style hotpot. You can dip a sliced meat and cut vegetables …


Harakara。is No.1 Avocado Hamburger Shop @Sangenjyaya

2021/07/05   -Tokyo restaurants

From Sangenjyaya Station, if you walk toward Wakabayashi, there is Harakara. Hamburger Shop on Setag …


This is the Salami you need to try in Japan

2021/05/19   -Goods to bring, Trip in Japan

Do you know Family Mart is selling this Salami? This is 「一度は食べていただきたい美味しいサラミ」by Natori. It means tha …

ゆふいんの森 由布院から福岡

(Kyushu)Let’s take JR Special Train “Yufuin-no-mori” operated by JR Kyushu

2021/03/26   -Trip in Japan

In Japan, there is a special train called, sightseeing train. The difference between local train and …


My trip to take sightseeing train “Yufuin no Mori” No.2 from Yufuin to Hakata

2021/03/26   -Trip in Japan

My trip to take sightseeing train “Yufuin no Mori” No.2 from Yufuin to Hakata Do you kno …


Let’s order Bento Box and take a Yufuin no Mori

2021/03/26   -Trip in Japan

When you take a sightseeing train of Yufuin no Mori, why don’t you order a Bento Box while you …


Casual Ryokan ”Nono” in TOYAMA pref. with natural hotsprings

2021/03/16   -Japanese Hotels

Ryokan Experience in “Nono” with natural hotsprings “Toyama” is a prefecture …

BOSE Sleep BudsⅡのケース

Purchase Review of SLEEP BUDS 2 by BOSE

2020/12/24   -Goods to bring

When I try to sleep in a different place than usual, I can’t sleep easily. At that time, I hap …

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