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Hotel Route Inn Bashamichi in Yokohama China town Only 30sec walk from train exit

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I stayed at Hotel Route Inn Bashamichi in Yokohama China town

This time, I stayed at the Hotel Route Inn Yokohama Bashamichi for sightseeing in Yokohama Chinatown.

I was considering staying at a more expensive hotel near Yokohama Station, but I chose this hotel because it included a large public bath and breakfast for exactly 10,000 yen.

One of the reasons I chose it was that it was close to the station.

When I actually walked there, it took about 30 seconds to walk from Exit 5 of Bashamichi Station on the Minato Mirai Line.

Used the elevator to go up to the reception desk.

We arrived at around 3:00 pm, just as check-in started, and there were several people checking in.

While I was waiting for the receptionist, another guest almost interrupted the receptionist, but the receptionist was careful and alerted me, which left me with a good impression.

I get in trouble because nice adults interrupt me without any hesitation.

At the reception, there will be a foreign staff member who will guide you around the building and choose your breakfast time for the next day.

Breakfast started at 6:30, and we chose from four time slots spaced approximately 45 minutes apart.

You will receive a card-based room key and a key to the public bath on the top floor.

There was a free coffee service next to the reception desk, so I grabbed a cup.

Tonight’s room is a non-smoking standard room.

This room is a non-smoking standard room.

When I made the reservation, I requested a room on a higher floor, so I ended up staying on a higher floor.

The amenities are in the room, so you don’t have to take them.

The inside of the room looks like this.

It’s a good enough room for a single person who just sleeps, but it’s 12 square meters, so it feels a little small.

The bed is double so it seems spacious.

I saw an advertisement for “airweave beds” when I made the reservation.

This is one of the selling points of the hotel.

The room feels a little small, but there is an iron for slacks and an air purifier.

There are things needed for work such as cell phone chargers and LAN cables around the desk for use by business travelers.

It seems like the bare minimum is in place.

This is what the desk looks like.

I don’t know what will happen to the chair if I sit on it for a long time, but at first glance it looks like it’s sufficient and has enough depth to put my computer.

It also doubles as a dressing table, so there are three mirrors in front of it.

There were no water bottles available in the room.

There was a charging outlet next to the bed and a type that could be charged directly with a USB cable.

The bathroom is also a normal unit bath.

Overall, the room is showing its age, but it is clean and seems to be fine for one night’s use.

I also tried using the unit bath, but there was no problem taking a shower by myself.

There was a sign next to the tap in the bathroom that said, “This tap water is drinkable,” so it seemed like I could use the tap water directly.

All amenities are also available.

They also have body towels and face wash sets, so it’s a good idea to bring them with you when using the public bath.

I forget the brand of shampoo, but they are of average quality.

I was concerned that the wallpaper in the room was peeling off in many parts, but since I was only there for one night, it was OK.

Let’s go to the public bath

This route in Yokohama Bashamichi has a large public bath.

Wear the clothes provided in the closet and bring along the necessary items such as towels.

The public bath is on the top floor.

There is a coin laundry in the public bath, so you can wash your clothes.

There aren’t many machines, but the washing machine costs 200 yen and the dryer costs 100 yen for 30 minutes.

The hot water here is an artificial radium hot spring, not a natural hot spring, but since it has the same ingredients as hot springs, your body will get warm and sweat, so there was a warning to drink plenty of water before bathing.

There didn’t seem to be any free water on the same floor as the public bath, so I recommend refilling your hydration in your room or purchasing water from the vending machine next to the public bath.

Cups and ice are provided.

The public bath is not large.

You can see how crowded the public bath is on the TV in your room, so we recommend checking that.

Fortunately, I used it right after checking in, so it wasn’t crowded.

There is a changing room for 15 people, 6 washrooms, and 3 chairs for the vanity, so it’s quite crowded with 6 to 7 people.

There are only indoor baths and no open-air baths.

Picture from Hotel HP

In fact, when I went to the public bath again around 10:30 p.m., there were about 10 people using the public bath, and it seemed like they wouldn’t be able to reach the basket in the changing room, so I gave up.

The water was a little hot and had the same ingredients as a natural hot spring, so I felt pretty warm after getting out of the bath.

Dinner is not included so I will go out to eat.

The closest restaurant to the hotel is Ootoya, a typical Japanese restaurant, which is about a 10-second walk away.

There were also bars and pubs within walking distance.

I went to Yokohama Station to eat Italian food.

Yokohama Station is also 5 minutes away by train, so it’s quite close.

For breakfast, please go to the breakfast hall on the first floor!

Breakfast starts at 6:30.

I chose a starting time of 6:30.

The dining hall is not that large, but there are many single-person tables, and they have staggered the timing of guests, so it’s not too crowded and it’s easy to find a seat. I was able to do.

The small bowl includes simmered hijiki, yam, and stir-fried king king mushroom.

I liked the seasoning of eringi mushrooms.

The menu was mainly Japanese, but there were breads and croissants, as well as scrambled eggs and ham, so even those who prefer Western breakfast would be satisfied.

I mainly focus on Japanese food, and having a full Japanese menu on my plate fills up the space just right.

I was able to eat rice with dashi chazuke, so I tried eating it with dashi soup after eating half of the rice.

It was delicious.

After the meal, we had yogurt and coffee for dessert.

As a tourist, I was grateful that breakfast was served from early morning in sufficient quantity and variety.

The coffee was also delicious.

Thank you for the meal!

Impressions of staying at Route Inn Yokohama Bashamichi

The facilities were a little outdated and the room wasn’t large, but it was close to the station and I thought it was a convenient location for sightseeing around Yokohama and Chinatown and attending events.

Also, since it was a cold day, I was grateful to have a large public bath to warm up my body.

There were not many people in the public bath after checking in, so I was able to relax.

It seems that many people use the public bath in the morning, so I used it around 8 o’clock after dinner.

I was miraculously lucky as there were no other customers at that time, probably because there were many people using the breakfast venue.

Checkout is done quickly using a built-in machine.

This time I chose to make a reservation with Jalan and accumulate points, but if you frequently use Hotel Route Inn, it might be better to book directly from the Route Inn website as you can get a slight discount. yeah.

Please compare and see which one works best for you.

Enjoy sightseeing, gourmet food, and shopping in the surrounding area using Hotel Route Inn Yokohama Bashamichi as your base

Now that you’ve come to Yokohama, I’m sure many of you would like to tour Yokohama Chinatown.

This article introduces some of my favorite shops in Yokohama Chinatown, so I hope you find it useful for sightseeing.


Hotel Route Inn Yokohama Bashamichi

Check-in: 15:00

Check out: 11:00

Parking: Yes. First-come, first-served fee: 1,500 yen (18 regular cars, 12 high roof cars)

My comment: There is free coffee service. You can also watch movies for free. For hot spring lovers, hotels with large public baths are recommended as they allow you to soothe the fatigue of your trip. The water here is hot, but not too hot, so you can soak in the bath until your body slowly warms up. Even after taking a bath, my body felt warm and comfortable. Yokohama Chinatown is a 16-minute walk away. Enjoy dim sum, grilled xiaolongbao, and Peking duck while strolling through the streets of Yokohama.

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