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“Aoao Naruto Resort Hotel” in Tokushima is just in front of beautiful beach!

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Our accommodation on the first day in Tokushima is “Aoaonaru Resort” with an ocean view

I wanted to drive around Awaji Island the next day, so I made a reservation at Aoaonaru Resort, which is located on Oge Island, an island between Awaji Island and Tokushima City.

Although this inn is a resort hotel, you can enjoy a variety of activities in addition to your stay, such as fishing, potato digging, shooting games, and indigo dyeing.

I looked for it on Jalan and other travel sites, but it was quite expensive and I almost gave up on staying there, but I found out that it was a great deal to stay overnight as part of a package tour with Meitetsu Kanko, so I decided to stay there for the first time. I reserved the accommodation through the Meitetsu Kanko website.

Ocean view room with breakfast included.

And even though it’s a resort hotel, it has a large public bath, which is typical of a Japanese hotel! That was the deciding factor.

When I parked my car at the driveway, a foreign employee guided me to the parking lot in fluent Japanese.

Nowadays, no matter which hotel you stay in, there are always foreign staff who are fluent in Japanese and other languages.

Check in at the front desk and head to your room.

Apparently there is a time in the evening where you can watch the Awa Odori dance.

Parking was free.

Thank you.

High floor twin room on the top floor of 36 square meters

This is our room for tonight.

The room is spacious at only 36 square meters.

I’m glad that the room was comfortable.

The sofas and furniture are arranged comfortably.

The balcony was also large, and it was a nice space to sit at the table and chairs provided on the balcony and feel the sea breeze.

For some reason I didn’t take any photos.

This hotel seems to be aimed at guests who enjoy swimming in the sea, as each floor seems to have self-service laundry and an ice machine, so I was surprised to find that everything was available.

There was also a self-service laundry facility on the floor where we were staying.

I didn’t use it this time as it was just one night, but it looked like it was free.

Stroll around the building and stop by the souvenir corner

There are many souvenir corners on the first floor, and it looked like it would be fun to shop.

They also sell beer.

You can purchase discount tickets for nearby tourist facilities such as the Otsuka Museum of Art and the Whirlpool Sightseeing Boat, so it’s a good deal for those who plan to use the facilities.

Other facilities include a table tennis table, Awa no Kuni, which recreates a fair, an open-air bath, and an in-house restaurant.

You can use the table tennis table if it is vacant.

There is a festival space next to the table tennis table.

You can enjoy various things such as guns and die cutting.

It was also possible to experience indigo dyeing here.

There are two large baths! There is a large observation bath and an open-air bath.

There are two large public baths at Aoaonaru Resort.

There is an open-air bath with a view on the top floor, and an open-air bath on the first floor.

Although it is not a natural hot spring, it feels very nice to soak in the large bathtub.

The large observation bath was turned into a kabosu hot spring.

There are 4 restaurants inside the hotel!

There are apparently four restaurants within the building.

French cuisine, kaiseki cuisine, seafood restaurants, charcoal-grilled restaurants, etc.

The building is so large that I couldn’t find all the restaurants, but it seems like it might get crowded at times, so it might be a good idea to make a reservation.

Early morning walk along the beach in front of the hotel

I woke up early in the morning, so I took an open-air bath and looked around the hotel’s pool and garden.

I watched the sunrise on the terrace where I could enjoy BBQ.

In the morning, there are still few people on the streets and the atmosphere is relaxing.

I sat on the terrace and enjoyed the seaside view and the sunrise.

Once you return to your room and get ready, it’s time for breakfast.

Today I chose Western food.

I think breakfast started at 7am, but I forgot.

I wanted a croissant, so I got one.

There is a toaster, so you can toast a little yourself.

It’s buffet style, so everyone can choose what they want to eat.

And this is onion soup.

Awaji Island is famous for growing onions, so it was very delicious.

After the meal, we had fruit and coffee.

It was delicious.

After breakfast, take a walk in front of the hotel

After breakfast, I took a short walk in front of the hotel.

There seemed to be facilities for wedding ceremonies, and there was a chapel on the premises.

Wow, this hotel is really spacious!

There was also a very old car that would be used for the wedding.

Impressions of staying at Aoaonaru Resort

This time I arrived in the evening, so I didn’t have much time to stay.

A one-night stay was not enough as there were many events organized by the hotel and day trip plans that everyone from children to the elderly could enjoy all day long.

There are no restaurants near the hotel, so if you’re staying for multiple nights, you’ll need to make a reservation at the hotel’s restaurant or travel to Tokushima city, but the breakfast was delicious and the time we spent on the balcony was meaningful.

In the summer, it was possible to swim at the beach and pool in front of the hotel.

It was nice to be able to take a leisurely walk in the morning.

There was also a large public bath to soothe the fatigue of the trip, which was perfect.

Unfortunately, the Awa Odori dance, which was supposed to be held in the evening, had to be canceled at the last minute because the dancers suddenly became unable to come.

The starry sky at night seemed to be beautiful, and there seemed to be events being held on full moon days.

I thought it would be nice to visit in a different season next time.

If you don’t have a car, there are buses that go to the hotel from Tokushima Airport or Tokushima Station, so please try using them.

アオアヲナルトリゾート Aoao Naruto Resort

Address: 16-45 Oge, Tosadomariura, Naruto-cho, Naruto-shi, Tokushima 772-0053

Check-in: 15:00

Check out: 11:00

Hotel website: https://aoawo-naruto.com/

A tip from me: Although this is not an advertisement for Meitetsu tourism, it seems that there are plans that include dinner and breakfast. Hotel events also looked like fun, including a potato digging event and a fishing event where you could cook the fish you caught.

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