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Traveling alone at Komatsukan Kofutei, an inn with a view of Matsushima

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Stay at “Komatsukan Kofutei” facing Matsushima Bay


In Matsushima, we stayed at Komatsukan, which faces Matsushima Bay, about a 15-minute walk from Matsushima Kaigan Station.

I went here because it was within walking distance from Matsushima Kaigan Station and the view and food looked delicious.

Since I was traveling alone this time, one of the decisive factors was that there was a plan that allowed me to stay alone.

There is also a shuttle bus from Matsushima Kaigan Station, so if you want to use it, please make a reservation in advance.

During my stay, I met a group of elderly people who used the shuttle bus.

Komatsukan is located on a small hill.

Since I had to walk to the inn, I was out of breath on the last uphill.

The lobby has a wide ceiling and an open atmosphere.

There are some sofas and you can sit down and wait for check-in.


The view from the sofa will soothe you.


After checking in, you will be served a welcome drink in the lounge next to the lobby.

I took a breather after receiving matcha and walnut cucumbers.


There is also a drink service in this lounge, so you can have alcohol and soft drinks until 22:00.

For alcohol, Japanese sake, which is considered to be local liquor, was prepared.

I was informed that there is a footbath and a viewing platform outside this lounge, so I went outside for a while.

This is the footbath.


It’s nice to soak your feet in a footbath while feeling the pleasant breeze from the sea.

There are towels available next to the door leading to the outdoors, so it might be a good idea to use them while checking in.

And here is the view from the observatory at the back of the footbath.


The unique shape of the islands of Matsushima is beautiful.

Ask Nakai-san to show you to your room

Get a welcome drink and take a break before heading to your room.

Since it is a ryokan, the waiter will guide you to your room while showing you around the hotel.

My room this time is on the top floor of the 4th floor.


A spacious Japanese-style room of about 12 tatami mats.

You can also enjoy the view of Matsushima Bay from the room.


This view is exhilarating.

You can enjoy a wonderful view from your seat.

After unloading my luggage and enjoying the scenery for a while, I will go to the bath right away!

Large public bath and open-air bath overlooking Matsushima Bay

Change into the yukata provided in the room and go to the hot spring.

There are men’s and women’s baths, and this was the only bath with an open-air bath.

The large communal bath is spacious enough, and you can see Matsushima Bay from all the windows in front of you, so it felt brighter and wider than it actually is.

The structure of the open-air bath here is interesting.

The hot water was just right, the wind was pleasant, and I was able to relax.

If you don’t like public bath, you can reserve a private bath.

When you check in, you can ask at the front desk.

Usually, it is first come first serve.

So, you can book your preferred time (usually about 45 minutes) with your family.

There is a hotel staff who can use English, so don’t worry!

Stroll around Fukuura Bridge before dinner

Before dinner, I took a walk around Fukuura Bridge, which looked red from the inn.

Go down the slope in front of the ryokan and walk along the seafront for about 5 minutes, and you will arrive at Fukuura Bridge.

There are shops and ticket vending machines at the entrance of the bridge, so while the entrance is open, you will have to pay the toll and cross the bridge.

The price is 200 yen per adult.

Cash only.



After passing the entrance, Fukuura Bridge appears.

The Fukuura Bridge is also known as the “Encounter Bridge” and is known as a bridge where you can meet good matches.

There are three bridges in Matsushima, including this bridge. It seems that the original order of crossing the bridge is that it is connected by the “Sukashibashi” over the bridge.

After arriving in Matsushima, I first headed for Godaido and then crossed this Fukuura Bridge.

First of all, after solidifying my current situation (tying), I guess I met a good match.

The time I visited was just after sunset, so I was able to see a beautiful sunset from the top of the bridge.

This is the view from the observation deck of Fukuura Bridge.

It gets dark as soon as the sun sets, so I hurried around Fukuura Island.

It was nice to be able to see a special view that can only be seen during this time.

Dinner is [Japanese full course] <Tsuki no Hikari> A new western style of local delicacies and fresh ingredients from Matsushima.

As soon as we got back to the inn, it was time for dinner.

I quickly head to the dinner venue.

The dinner hall is quite spacious, and the tables are spaced far apart, so you can enjoy your meal in a relaxed atmosphere.

When I was guided to my seat and sat down, the appetizer was already prepared on the table.


It looks delicious just by looking at it.

All of them are delicious, but the buckwheat seed second from the left was fluffy and delicious.

The next vessel is sashimi.

Everything was carefully prepared and served, so it was delicious.

As expected, Matsushima is famous for tuna, and of course the tuna was delicious.

The one on the far right is cutlass fish sashimi.


The plate is elaborate and the taste is doubled.

Next, you can choose from 3 items on the menu, and I chose grilled abalone liver butter.

(Hotel staff will confirm your choice for dinner during the welcome drink.)

Abalone served on a bright plate.

It was soft, meaty and very tasty.

I feel sorry for the chef who prepared the food, but it was so delicious that I ate it up.


Western-style menu continues from here.

This is a bouillabaisse with spiny lobster and seafood.

The ingredients are gorgeous, like the abalone and spiny lobster I mentioned earlier! !

The spiny lobster was plump and the soup was full of seafood flavor, and I enjoyed the rich soup.


After enjoying plenty of seafood, it’s meat.

Oranda-yaki of Sendai Kuroge Wagyu beef.

The meat was so soft and cooked just right that a knife could easily go through.

The amount of fat was just right, and when I finished eating the meat itself, I thought it would be a little lacking, but that wasn’t the case.

The rice that comes out after this is very hearty, so I was full as a result.

When I thought that the last tightening would be white rice and miso soup, rice cooked in a kettle came.

The name is “sea jewel rice”.

The waiter prepares the rice with plenty of ingredients such as sea urchin, crab, and scallops that have soaked up the broth, and finally puts salmon roe on top.

Certainly this is a jewel box of the sea!

The umami of all ingredients such as sea urchin, crab, and scallops is condensed into the cooked rice, and each grain of rice is delicious.

The garnished pickles and miso soup were so delicious that I ate all the cooked rice in the pot.

No, I’m full.

Since there is a flow up to this point, it is just the right balance that the dishes up to the takikomi gohan are served a little less.

After the meal is finished, dessert is served.

Once, we will move to the lounge where we received the welcome drink and have dessert and drinks.

The person in charge kindly guided me to the lounge, and my guide was a foreigner.

He spoke Japanese very well and was extremely attentive.

Here is the dessert plate.

It was made by a pastry chef.

I ate it with hot coffee and was able to take a break at the end.

When I returned to the room, the futon was prepared, so I fell asleep while I was lying around for a while.

The dawn of Matsushima was shrouded in fog

It seems that if I go to bed early, I wake up early, so I woke up at 4:30 the next morning.

I went to the large communal bath thinking that I would have the morning bath all to myself, but there was a previous customer at this time!

I was surprised, but I just wanted a little warm water, so I went back to my room after a little hot water.

It was still dark outside, so I waited for dawn while reading a book.

Breakfast is three layers plate

Breakfast started at 7:00 in the morning.

I’m heading to the venue where I had dinner yesterday.

Guided by the person in charge, to the seat.

Breakfast was already prepared.

Sesame tofu and Matsumae pickles are on the first layer.

The sesame was rich, and the Matsumae pickles were plump and delicious.

And the second layer plate.

Local sasa-kamaboko (fish cake) and Japanese traditional cooked food, called Chikuzen-ni.

I love this heavy meal that you can eat a little bit of various things because it is unique to breakfast at a ryokan.

And 3rd layer had salmon grilled with salt.

The brightly colored bowls bring out the deliciousness of the dish.

I still remember how this silver salmon had just the right amount of fat, was soft, juicy, and very delicious.

Of course, the salad and chawanmushi were delicious, and the miso soup stock was delicious following yesterday, and it was very delicious.

I was told that rice and miso soup can be refilled freely, so I ended up refilling both.

By the way, you can choose white rice or mixed rice.

We also had dessert and coffee, and the breakfast was satisfying and full.

In no time at all, it was time to check out, and I left the inn.

Thank you for all your help, I was able to spend a relaxing time in a nice room with a nice view.

It was nice to stay at this inn.

I loved it!

Impressions of staying at Komatsukan

The sea of Matsushima opened up from the lobby of the inn and it was a wonderful view.

The room was spacious and the view from the room was great.

The person who greeted me remembered that I hadn’t been able to go to Togetsukyo the day before (actually, I’ve been to Togetsukyo twice), so he called me at breakfast. rice field.

The food was great, and the view of the ocean from the public bath was also great.

The open-air bath is a little small, but it was nice to feel the sea breeze.

The men’s and women’s baths are alternated, so if the large public bath on the right is vacant, please try using the open-air bath.

There is a fee, but private hot springs are also available, so if you want to use it privately, such as a family or couple, it might be a good idea to try it.

Information about private baths will be provided at check-in.

It takes a little time to walk from Matsushima Kaigan Station, so we recommend asking for a shuttle bus.

Probably, if you make a reservation in advance when making a reservation, the transfer should come.

If you walk from the sightseeing boat boarding area of Matsushima, it is surprisingly close if you walk along the road along the sea.

You can walk along a route like this.

When I stayed, it was just before the peak season, so I had a plan to stay alone and was able to have a large room all to myself.

It may be difficult during the busy season, but it would be nice if the one-person plan continued.

This time, I tried using  Yahoo Travel for the first time.

Since I was a Paypay card user, I got a 10% point return at the reservation site, so it felt like a good deal.

I thought that the discount that you get on the spot is more convenient now than the points that you get when you forget.

(As of October 14, 2022, it seems that new reservations are not being accepted due to the nationwide travel support. After you calm down, please check Yahoo Travel, ikkyu.com、, and other travel sites. Yahoo Travel was a tie-up with ikkyu.com.)

I wrote an article about sightseeing in Matsushima here.

Please use it as a reference.

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