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Hotel review: Plaza Hotel Lucchesi in Florence (ITALY)

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I stayed at Plaza Hotel Lucchesi in Florence

In Florence, I stayed at the Plaza Hotel Lucchesi.

(Added August 2019: It seems that the name on Google Map is now changed to Plaza Hotel Tockey)

There is a bus station in front of the Santa Maria Novella train station in Florence, so you can take the bus to the hotel.

It took me only a few minutes from the station to the hotel.

The hotel faces the Arno River.

When I was looking for a hotel in Florence, I felt that the riverside was still popular.

Florenceの駅とホテルの場所 GoogleMapより出典

From GoogleMap

The hotel faces the street in front of the river, and there are about 10 steep steps at the entrance.

It’s a bit tough for travelers with a lot of luggage, but if the luggage seems to be heavy, a bell man will come out from the hotel, so please give him a glance.

I didn’t take a picture of the lobby. It wasn’t that big, but it had a clean impression based on black.

The hotel was a 4 star hotel and it wasn’t the peak season when I stayed, so the premium double room was about 15,000 yen (about 120 USD) per night.

Plaza Hotel Lucchesi has a river view along the river and a city view overlooking the cathedral.

I booked a room in River View.

The room on the upper side faces the river.

Here below in yellow was my room.


room layout

The rooms were simple yet spacious and comfortable.

The entrance is very wide and there is a feeling of liberation.


room entrance

The bed was clean and spacious, so it looks comfortable to sleep on!

Hotel LuchessiのHPより出典

From Plaza Hotel Lucchesi HP

Since the closet is large and the storage capacity is perfect, you can store a large suitcase without problems.


Love big closet

What was especially great was the view from the large window of the room.

Since my room was on the river side, I could see the river Arno through the window, and beyond that I could see Piazzale Michelangelo, one of the tourist attractions in Florence.

The view is the best!


View from the room

There were many hotels along the Arno River, but I found out why there are so many on the banks of the river.

It’s good that the washroom has a large space.

There is also a bath that I’m particular about.


Bathtub deep enough

The sink in the washbasin was also large, and for some reason the tissues were decorated like roses.

I wonder if this is a Florentine hospitality.


I like a big mirror and sink

Here is the amenities.

I have never seen it, but it seems to be a brand called FLOGA.

It has a sophisticated Italian design.


very sweet smell

The TV stand and study table look like this.

There is also a coffee set.


TV and desk


coffee set

Empireo Bar on roof top

I think you can see one of the best part of this hotel if you go to the rooftop.

It features a rooftop pool and bar.

This is a place you should definitely visit from early evening to night.

Go up the inner stairs to the rooftop.


Empireo entrance

When you step outside, there is a large pool in the middle of the rooftop.

It may not be so visible because we went at night, but the pool is lit up in blue.


Night pool on rooftop

Beyond the rooftop pool is a panoramic view of the city of Florence.

There is Santa Croce Basilica right next door, so you can see a part of the cathedral building illuminated.

Perhaps if you select the City View room, you will see the cathedral.


You can see cathedral


Toward Ponte Vecchio

I stayed in the early spring, so it was chilly at night, but it’s great because you can stay in the summer and enjoy the pool and bar while watching the sunset.

The next morning breakfast will be served in the lounge on the first floor.

It seems that you can ask room service for your room.

There was a paper in the room where you could choose a breakfast menu.

I didn’t use it, but maybe I’ll fill it out and give it to the front desk, and he might bring it to me next morning.

I forgot to take a picture of the lounge, so I will introduce it from the hotel home page.


from hotel home page

I remember that the breakfast here is rich in variety and delicious.

The meal was quite satisfying.


message card to ask room service

Plaza Hotel Lucchesi

Address:Lungarno della Zecca Vecchia, 38, 50122 Firenze FI, Italia

TEL:+39 055 26236

Hotel homepage: hotelplazalucchesi.it

My comment:

Personally, I recommend the upper floors of the riverbank. The view of the riverside is wonderful. If you do your best, you may be able to see the Ponte Vecchio. The scenery from the rooftop and the night view are also very nice. It is quite convenient because you can walk around Michelangelo Square and Ponte Vecchio. Breakfast was abundant and delicious.

It seems to be a little expensive from summer to autumn, but it is recommended as it will be cheaper from the second week of November.

I always use Agoda or Hotels.com

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