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Barcelona Hotel Review:Close to Sakurada Familia! ! Aparthotel Hispanos 7 Suiza

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Hotel entrance from hotel homepage

In Barcelona, I stayed at an apartment hotel just a few minutes walk to the Sakurada Familia.

This is an apartment hotel called Apartments Hispanos 7 Suiza.

I chose this hotel by checking TripAdvisor with a thorough selection of reviews.

I Booked more than 1 month prior to stay.

Breakfast is not included, but it is ok because I can see Sakurada Familia in various wide time zones, so I chose this apart hotel.

There is a terrace as well.


room layout

All the furniture is furnished with kitchen, washing machine, dryer, sofa, TV and bedroom.


living room

The washbasin and the toilet are spacious.

Of course there is also a bathtub. (Some rooms do not have a bathtub. Please be careful when making a reservation)


Washing room


big bathtub



In the kitchen, there were all dishwashers, ovens and microwave oven appliances.

There was a complete set of tableware, pots, etc., and a set of sponges and detergents were also placed.

Consumables seemed to pay for what they used.


Washing machine and dryer in the big kitchen


Kitchen has everything

There is a desk and chair set on the balcony, so you can relax very much.



There are 4 rooms on one floor and 2 rooms in the same direction. It seems that two rooms can be used as a connecting room.

The room next door has a high balcony, so privacy is maintained.

I forgot to take a picture of the bedroom, but since there was a large bed in a separate room, I could sleep with the door to the living room closed at night, it was a connecting room but the next room I was able to sleep without worrying about the sound.


Bedroom from hotel homepage

There is no spectacular view, but I could get a glimpse of the daily lives of the locals in the opposite building, which was refreshing.

It was a great answer to make this hotel in terms of location and cost performance.

The rooms are large, you can do the laundry during the trip, there is a tapas bar nearby and you can walk to the Sagrada Familia.

I tried to check the availability of this room two weeks before my trip, but it was already full.

If you make a reservation, early is recommended.

Apartments Hispanos 7 Suiza

Hotel NameApartments Hispanos 7 Suiza

Address:Carrer de Sicília, 255, 08025 Barcelona, Spain

TEL+34 932 08 20 51


Price Range:As per my research, it is about 110 USD ~ (As of 2023, it is around 220 USD~)

My comment:This is an apartment type 4-star hotel. 2 minutes walk from Barcelona Sants station. From Sants Estacio station, arrive at Metro L5 ~ Sagrada Familia (5 stations). 19 minutes. There is a bathtub (some rooms do not). It’s an apartment house, so it’s large. With kitchen, washing machine and dryer! There is a balcony and a rooftop. You can walk on foot near Sakurada Familia. You can reach it from Barcelona Sants station by subway for 255 yen, or a taxi in 12 minutes for 1200 yen. If you get lost, just bring it to the Sagrada Familia. The hotel does not have computer equipment. When there is something you want to print, it is a system that lets the front desk person mail what you want to print and print it.

Check Room Availability via Hotel.com

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