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Hotel review: Golden Well Hotel in Prague (CZECH)

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I stayed at Golden Well Hotel in Prague

I decided to stay in a luxury hotel in Prague, so I stayed at the well-known 5-star hotel Golden Well Hotel.

It might have been an off-season. I was lucky to make a reservation for 26000 yen (230USD) per night even though it was a 5 star hotel.

Golden Well Hotel is located on the hill at the end of the hill.

It’s just below Prague Castle.

ホテルの位置。マップ及び写真はGoogle Mapより出典

Guidebook I made. Map is from googlemap

Since the transportation from the city area is a little bad, if you want to focus on sightseeing in the city area, it would be easier to stay at hotels near the train station or Charles Bridge.

Golden Well Hotel is recommended for those who want to stay in Prague comfortably and in a relaxed and elegant manner.

You have to get off the taxi and pick up the cobblestone slope with a little luggage.

The taxi said the road was too narrow to reach the hotel entrance.

I walked on the cobblestone road.

Then you will see the entrance door of the hotel at the end of the alley.

I don’t understand Czech well, but it seems that it says Golden Well Hotel.


Hotel entrance

There is a front desk as soon as you enter the entrance.

There is also a solid sofa, so you can relax during your stay.

Sit at the front desk and complete the check-in procedure.


Front sofa

The interior of the hotel has a small and calm atmosphere, like a millionaire villa based on wood.

The lamp lights also create a cozy atmosphere.

There is also a large study area where you can read and use a computer.

There is also free coffee and free wine service in the evening.

There is also a sofa where you can sit and relax in the hotel corridor.

If you are staying for a long time, you can borrow a book in the study room and read it.

The building is basically made of stone and wood.

The stairs also had wooden railings on the wooden scaffolding.

After checking in at the entrance, you will be guided to the dining area where you can look down on the streets of Prague.

They will explain the hotel and the neighborhood in detail.

When I asked for a recommended restaurant near the hotel, he kindly explained it while marking the map.

Since it is a 5 star hotel, of course, the service of wet towel and welcome drink was provided perfectly.

I didn’t release it because it was still cold when I stayed there, but there was also a large courtyard leading to the patio and the castle next door.

It wasn’t completely open because it’s still chilly, but there’s a fairly large courtyard where you can go down the stairs and out.

The contrast between the orange brick and the white wall is beautiful.

There is also a patio of just the right size.

Before you go out to the patio, there’s a minibar and a bartender who will make cocktails for you.

It’s nice to have some sake and have a drink on the patio while enjoying the evening breeze.

During my stay at the hotel, I was so excuted that I didn’t take many pictures of the room.

I had booked a deluxe room so maybe the bedroom was this room.

Golden Well Hotel ホームページより出典

From Golden Well Hotel

There is also one on the hotel homepage, but the king size bed was very comfortable.

I remember how soft and comfortable it was.

The room is large enough for two adults to sleep in.

The room itself has a very high ceiling and wooden floors make it feel history.

The bathroom is also very clean and there is my particular bathtub.

The bathtub is deep and very nice.


Bathtub. Power room is not big, but good enough.

I saw a toilet with a washlet for the first time in a toilet overseas.

I think that people who are big fan of washlet will decide to stay at this hotel by looking at this amenities.

It is a wonderful consideration.


Toilet with washlet

As for the amenity, Molton Brown, which is a brand that has not entered Japan but is also used in amenity of luxury hotels overseas, was placed.

Shampoo and conditioner have a nice scent and make your hair even smoother, so I really liked it, and there are 3 types of body soap that you can use to your scent of your choice.



My favorite during my stay at this hotel was breakfast and turndown sweets.

For breakfast, there is a salad bar and a drink bar where you can order a breakfast menu from a list.

Enjoy stunning views over the cityscape of Prague on the first day and fine dining.

The scenery from the terrace right next to it looks like this, so please imagine the view from the dining room.

Dining area was not big, but it was very relaxing with a nice view to look down Prague city.

And breakfast was perfect!

You can have a breakfast while watching the beautiful scenery.

I ordered mushroom cream soup and green salad, scrambled eggs toast and dessert crepe.

The dishes and servings were sophisticated one by one.

Everything was really good, but the best is this scrambled egg.

I try to eat the served pieces by gradually breaking it up, but the heat of the eggs that does not solidify creates an exquisite feeling of trot, the truffle salt has a good aroma, and the salt was good.




This is a scrambled egg selected from the menu.

It will be so fashionable.

What’s more, whether it’s with truffles or not, the flavor of the truffles goes through your nose when you eat the scrambled eggs.

The hardness of this egg is the best.

The dressing, which includes the salad itself, is also elegant and delicious.

The toasted raw salmon over there was also delicious!

This smoked salmon was also tasty.

The dessert crepe and the arrangement are also stylish.

It comes with fresh cream and berry sauce, but the sweetness is just right and I am very satisfied.

Breakfast was attached only once at an extra charge.

I think it cost around 20 to 30 euros (it’s a bit expensive), but if you can enjoy such a delicate and elegant breakfast, you can try it once during your stay.

It was a meal that ranked quite high in my diet during my stay in Europe.

It seems that the evening restaurant is being held at the restaurant, so it might be a good idea to try the evening meal.

Another favorite of mine is the turndown and sweets service that I get every night.

From the evening to the evening, they will close the curtains to turn off the lights and lay a foot mat to prepare for the day off.

At that time, they put sweets on the table every day before rest, which is also delicious.

Since the sweets change every day, I was excited about what’s coming every night.

They leave the sweets for me while I’m out at night, but they’ve prepared a nice cover to keep them from getting dry.


Sweet at 1st night. Banana cake



Sweets at 2nd night. cream puff



sweets at 3rd night. Chocolate browny


I tended to write about food, but when you stay in Prague, please consider it as a candidate accommodation hotel!

it’s recommended.

This time, I wanted to collect accommodation points, so I made a reservation at Hotels.com.

Depending on the time, Agoda may be cheaper or cheaper from another site, so let’s do our best, including the hotel homepage, and compare and stay at a good price.

Golden Well Hotel

Hotel name:Golden Well Hotel

Address:U Zlaté studně 166/4, Malá Strana, 118 01 Praha 1, Czech

TEL+420 257 011 213

Hotel homepagehttp://www.goldenwell.cz/


Check room availability via Expedia.com

Check room availability via Hotels.com

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