Oversea trip EUROPE

This is my long term dream to get on a sleeping train EuroNight!

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First time Europe and first time sleeping train experience! So excited!


EuroNight ticket I purchased

I have been waiting to come this moment.

Now that I will be on EuroNight!

This is the Euronight 237 run by OBB, Czech Railway.

This train will depart Vienna Central Station at 21:27, and will arrive at Venice at 8:24 next morning.

The price we paid for the room was 218 euro, so it is about $100.

I used LOCO2.com to check timetable and each station.


Stations to stop from Vienna Central station to Venice. Referred by LOCO2.

When I saw Euronight stopping at Vienna Central station, the train was covered by mud.

But it made me imagine how far the train was running until it got here.

I hope that someone can wash this hard-working train later.


EuroNight covered with mud

At this time, I reserved a private room.

If you are interested in how I booked the ticket by myself, please refer to below article.

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An attendant person is waiting at the entrance of the private room vehicle to help us.


Euronight run by OBB

OK, now it’s time to depart!

Inside of EuroNight


Time to go

The private room we reserved is usually for 2 people, but if you want, you can sleep upto 3 people.

At first, there is only a sofa, and beds are folded.

Since I am not tall, I felt that the sofa and the bed size was big enough, so I didn’t feel uncomfortable to stay inside of the room.

As soon as the train leaves Wien hbf (Vienna Central station), a conductor will come to your seat to check your ticket, so please keep your ticket with you.

He will pick it up from you, but he will return it to you next morning.

In our private room, a small package is prepared. Within there (I forgot to take a picture), there is bottled water, towel, toothbrush, snacks, and a bottle of champagne!

This is amazing.

So elegant.


Inside of First Class

We explore the inside of train a little bit, and then we changed our clothes to a night pajama to stay relax in our room.

We also enjoyed the champagne and the snacks.

It was very delicious.



After passing Amstetten station, the conductor comes back to prepare our bed.

We need to go outside of the room while he’s preparing the bed.

He is very accustomed to change the sofa to the bed, and make additional bed above it.

I didn’t notice, but there was a ladder behind the sofa.

We can use it to climb up to the upper and the highest bed.


After he prepared our bed, the atmosphere of the room had changed from living room to the bed room.

We got so excited to see the bed inside of the train!


Inside of the room with bed



View from the second bed

I forgot to mention, but there is a small wash basin within the room.

There is a plastic cup already prepared, so you can brush your teeth and wash your face without leaving your room.

This type of room can be shared by 3 different individuals.

In that case, this wash basin is very useful in terms of security and convenience.

There is also a shower room outside of the room, but we didn’t bother ourselves to take a shower because it seemed a bit troublesome to change clothes.

Next to the shower, there is a public restroom.

My advise is that you should take a pee as soon as you can.

Because , as you may be able to guess, it gets dirty as time passes..


After we lay down on the bed, I was getting sleepy.

I thought that I might not be able to sleep because I was so excited, but fortunately I could sleep around 23:30 as usual.

As the train stops at many stations even during our sleep, so you can hear the sound of train which sometimes stops at a station.

If you are sensitive about the sound surrounding you, I recommend that you bring ear plug with you.

If you travel individually, you might have to start sleeping while the light is still on, so bring your eye mask as well.

It is like a dream that you can go to other countries while you are sleeping!

When I woke up, I was already in Italy!

Hi there, good morning!

As the outside became brighter, I woke up naturally.

Now our train is not in Austria, it is in Italy now!

It is my first time to visit Italy.

It is such a great feeling that I enter Italy while I was sleeping.

Sooner, we will arrive at Venice.

Venice is in an island, so there is a long bridge before reaching to Venice.

Google Mapより出典

by Google Map

It was cloudy when we arrived at Venice.


About 1 hour before we arrive at Venice, the conductor will bring our breakfast.

It looks simple, but there is bread (I like this bread), butter, yogurt, pork pate, and coffee.

I think this is a wonderful breakfast.

The pate looks like a sausage in my picture, but if you open it and put it to the bread, it is so rich and tasty.

I didn’t know that bread in Austria is delicious!

It was a great ending of my first-time sleeping train voyage.



My trip in Europe had started in Paris.

I have an article, so please take a look!

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