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Hotel review: Hotel Stendhal in Roma (ITALY)

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I booked a hotel only 6min walk to Trevi Fountain



I couldn’t find a good hotel in Rome, so I stayed at this hotel after a lot of trouble.

This 4-star hotel is in the center of Rome.

I didn’t take a picture of the exterior, so let me introduce the exterior of the hotel from the Stendhal Hotel homepage.

The appearance and entrance look like this.

The pink outer wall is a landmark.


outside hotel view


Hotel entrance

Since there are many tourist spots in Rome, I chose this hotel because I thought it was convenient for walking around the city.

I stayed for 4 nights, and it’s an average of about 20000 yen (about 180USD) per night including a full size bed and 20 square meters including a weekend.

As expected, Rome is one of the world’s leading tourist destinations.

I’ve looked at various things, but after all, a pretty good hotel costs nearly 30,000 yen (about 280USD) per night or more. .. (As of March 2017)

It’s expensive!!

As I will explain later, I think the location is perfect. (Comments other than location are written below)

The hotel is a 1 minute walk to the metro station and 5 to 6 minutes walk from the Trevi Fountain.

This time I booked from Hotels.com.

Close to Termini Station in Rome

I think I arrived in Rome after 14:00.

You can reach the hotel in about 10 minutes by bus from Roma Termini train station in Rome.

As it is facing the main street, it is close to the bus stop.

The good thing about staying here was that I was able to take a photo of the Trevi Fountain in the early morning where there was almost nobody.

The Trevi Fountain is a really popular tourist spot, with people gathering around 8:00 am and crowded after 9:00 am..

It was good that I got up in the morning and went for a walk in the early morning.

However, from here on, it is my personal impressions, so you don’t need to refer to my comment completely..

To be honest, I thought that the photos of the official website of the hotel and the photos of the Standard Hotel published on Hotels.com and Booking.com were too many.

Pros and cons of Standard Hotel evaluation

When I saw the comments of tripadvisor, there was very good comments and bad comments, and I was wondering why.

But when I stayed there, I found the reason somehow.

At first, I wanted to write a good point on my blog, but I will write it honestly.

I reserved a room facing the main street.

The room that was located on the second floor.

There was a tiny window, but I didn’t feel like opening it at all because the sound of the car on the street and the exhaust gas were too loud.

The room also looked wide in the photo, but I realized that it’s a photo magic.

The picture on the hotel’s official website looks like this.


Room picture from Hotel standal

Isn’t it nice?

However, the actual room seems to be large, but it is not large at all.

There is a bed in the room, and I felt cramped and walked through the room.

I couldn’t find the space to open the suitcase.

I had to open and close the suitcase on the bed.

The windows could be kept open if I endured exhaust gas and noise, but I couldn’t stand to keep them open.

At this point I felt very unhappy and disappointed. I didn’t feel like taking a picture of the room.

In addition, I felt a squeaky noise from the ceiling all the time after I checked in, so I was really upset.

I didn’t want to sleep in this state, so I consulted with the front desk.

They said that the construction would be completed soon, so I waited for a while, but it did not end at all.

Eventually I called the front desk again and changed to a room on the back alley.

I was grateful to have another room immediately prepared, but the room on the opposite side of the alley on the other side is dark because the window is very small and there is little sunshine coming into the room.

A little musty.

The photos on the official hotel website are too exaggerated.

Here is the picture that hotel is providing on the site.


Room at the back side

It looks a bit darker than the room on the city side, but I thought it was because the picture was taken it in the evening.

However, in reality, there is almost no light even in the daytime.

And the window is too small.

This picture below is that the one I took in the morning!!

So dark..

And because it is behind the alley, there is no view from the window.

It costs you 20000 yen (about 180 USD) per night.

Would you take it?

view from standal hotel

View from back side room

Well, it may be the best view in the sense that people’s lives can be felt.

In terms of the size of the room, the bathroom and the closet were more spacious and spacious than the room on the city side.

I am very grateful that I have been able to stretch this out.

Moreover, there is a bathtub, which is rare in a hotel in Rome.

That is the good thing about this room.



The closet was big, which was also helpful.

hotelstandal clothset

And this is a hotel breakfast that wasn’t much rated by Tripadvisor users.

It was a buffet style, but it wasn’t the only one I took, it was the only one.

I was disappointed.


What I learned by staying at a hotel in Rome

To be honest, everything was disappointing for this stay at the Stendhal Hotel.

I was very sad because it ruined all of my excitement to go to Rome.

It was nice to have the room changed, but the room was very dark and smelly.

I was so scared when I rated the hotel as low, a man named the hotel manager immediately called the room and scolded me, “Why did you give it a low rating??”

I was giving my honest opinion…

In addition, breakfast was the most disappointing meal in the group of 4 star hotels I stayed at in the past.

The cafe latte I got was mere tepid milk coffee.

As was the case with word of mouth, the customer service of the employees was not so good.

If I write only this kind of thing, you may take it as a negative campaign for the hotel, but that’s not what I mean.

This may be the treatment what the standard of a 4-star hotels in Rome offer for tourists from all over the world.

Or maybe my expectation was too high as I travel all over the europe.

My regret at this time was that I put too much emphasis on the good location and the room with bathtub.

Also, I didn’t read enough comments from the customers who stayed at this hotel.

This is just my impression of the Standard Hotel when I stayed at it, so I’m not saying that I should not stay at this hotel.

The convenience is really the best, and it is hard to find a hotel with a bathtub in Rome, so my comment are just for your reference, and I would like you to use it depending on your priority and preference.

Next time, if I visit Rome again, I’ll stay at a hotel where the breakfast is good and the staff is nice, and don’t stay in the center of Rome.

It might be a good idea to stay at a place where you can walk to the Colosseum in about 15 minutes and then go to see the illuminated Colosseum at night.

For this hotel, I think it would have been better if someone who posted a photo of a life-sized room filled the gap between when I actually saw the room.

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