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Heading to Barcelona by Train

Heading to Barcelona by Train

I took a train to get to Barcelona.

When I arrived at Barcelona Sants Station, it was about 16:00.

I came from Paris.

It was my first trip to take a train to go to Barcelona, but I find it very easy to travel with a suitecase.

I will stay in Barcelona for 3 nights.

Barcelona Sants駅

Barcelona Sants Station

As soon as you go out of Barcelona Sants Stations, there is a big space where you can take a bus.

I am lucky to live in an era where I can use Google.

I just searched my hotel and found a bus route to get there, so it was very easy to find the right bus.

Since France and Spain are in EU, so I didn’t need to exchange my Euro to other currencies.

It is very convenient for a tourist.

I paid a bill inside of the bus.

After 20 minutes from the station, I arrived at my hotel in Barcelona.

My hotel is Apartments hospanos 7 Suiza.

It is not a hotel. It is more like a rental condominium.

The location was perfect!

Sagrada Familia is only a few minutes walk!

I have a hotel review here if you are intersted.

Hotel review article:Hotel Review:Close to Sakurada Familia! ! Aparthotel Hispanos 7 Suiza

After I checked in at the hotel, I soon went to see Sagrada Familiar.

I said “Wow!” when I saw the real historical architecture.

It is big and gorgeous!

Sagrada Familiar at early evening

Sagrada Familiar at early evening

There is a small park just in front of Sagrada Familiar.

I stayed there for 15 minutes, and it was getting dark.

The light-up service of Sagrada Familiar had started, so I could see illuminated Sagrada Familiar in a dark.

Very Beautiful!

I only saw Sagrada Familiar on TV, so I still couldn’t believe that I was in front of it.

I was so excited!!

Oh well, I am staying right next to you, so I can come back to see you any time!

I went to a bar in front of our hotel where they served tapas.

If I remember correctly, the name of the bar was Authentic Bar.

There is counter seats, and you can choose tapas from the showcase.

You can pick any tapas you like in Spain

You can pick any tapas you like

It was very nice.

I liked it!

Barcelona in the morning

Next morning, we went to a cafe right next to Sagrada Familiar.

This is the view from our seat outside of the cafe.

Sagrada Familiar in the morning

Sagrada Familiar in the morning

I felt very luxury to have a breakfast by looking at Sagrada Familiar.

Since it was a morning, there was no tourist. So quiet.


We took a picture having Sagrada Familiar at our back

Sightseeing Barcelona City by Segway

Sightseeing Barcelona city by Segway was one of our big event in Barcelona.

I booked a half-day tour at Veltra when I was still in Paris.

If you prefer English site, EuroSegway may be a good choice.

Our tour started at 9:00. We went to the place where they had specified.

But we couldn’t see any sightseeing office.

`I was ripped off?` I thought.

But 5 minute later, a young man came to talk to me.

He was our tour guide.

He said that he didn’t notice our reservation because I booked it at the last minute.

He opened a office shutter and invited us be inside.

At there, there were some segways.

The tour we booked was about $45 (5000 JPY) for 2 hours.

He can guide us in English.

He asked us if it is our first time to ride a segway, and we said “Yes”.

So he took us to a open space nearby the office and we practiced how to ride a segway for 10 minutes.

I thought only 10 minutes!!

But riding a Segway was very easy. You can put on your weight to the direction you want to go.

That’s it.

We followed the small road between the buildings, crossed the pedestrian crossing and came towards the sea.

I rode around the road beside the sea on a Segway.

It was still early morning, so we hardly saw other people on the street.



Mediterranean Sea

It was sunny in the morning, but as we go, it was getting cloudy and windy. We had a outer jacket, but still it was freezing..

There was no one on the beach at the time we went there, but a tour guide told us that it would be very crowded with people in Summer.

We wish we come back here in Summer!

Barcelona Beach

Barcelona Beach

After we passed by Beachside, then suddenly the sun had back.

We went to a big park right next to a Botanical Garden, and a tour guide guy took a picture of us.

Thank you!

Barcelona Botanical Garden

Barcelona Botanical Garden

By that time, we got used to this Segway, so you can drive your Segway faster than before.

When we had reached to a old post office, there was a marathon event.



Barcelona Marathon event

Barcelona Marathon event

It was about 2 hours passed, so we went back to the tour office.

I was nervous to drive a Segway at beginning, so I could hardly enjoy the scenery, but after a while, I got used to it.

I was so excited to join this tour.

This is the old town we drove at the end

This is the old town we drove at the end

Sightseeing Barcelona city by Segway was very exciting.

I think I want to try it again.

Lunch at Mediterranean cuisine

The tour guide guy knew some good restaurants, so he recommended us one restaurant near the beach.

It was “SENDA”.

Seafood carpaccio

Seafood carpaccio

We ordered Seafood Carpaccio, meat ball, soup, Croquette, caprese, and paella noodle.

It was a bit too much for us, but everything was sooo delicious!!

Restaurant Information

Restaurant Name:SEDNA

Address:Paseo Colon, 5 – 08002 Barcelona

TEL:93 2689372 o 619 751082


Old town to Plaza Catalunya

After lunch, we walked Old Town.

It looked very cozy.

There was an old decorated corridor. A tour guide was explaining something to his guests, but he was speaking in Spanish, so we could not understand what it was.

So we walked to Plaza Catalunya.

It was worth taking a picture at everywhere.

so many pigeons

so many pigeons in Plaza Catalunya

My friend recommended me Boqueria market.

It is around this area, so I will try to eat breakfast tomorrow.

La Rambla

La Rambla

Casa Mila

We went to Casa Mila at night.

It costs us about 30 Euro to go inside, so we didn’t go inside.

But there was a giftshop at 1st floor, and I bought some souvenir there.

It was very colorful and attractive.

I recommend you visit this gift shop.

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