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Philippines Hotel Review:Stayed at Movenpick Resort & Spa Boracay

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In Boracay, I stayed at Movenpick.

I will stay for 3 nights this time.

The Movenpick for Boracay is on the north side of Boracay.

Since the ferry terminal is on the south side of the island, it is the area farthest from the terminal.

Next to Movenpick are the Shangri-La and Crimson hotels, which seem to be located off the northwestern edge of the island.




The e-trike that sent me can only enter the entrance gate of the hotel.

A person who seems to be a security guard has confirmed that I have made a proper reservation for the hotel.

I was sure that it was a guest, and I was checking from outside to make sure that nobody came in, so I was impressed with the security. I am relieved.

After that, transfer to the hotel van and send it to the front desk.

About 1 hour from the port to the hotel.

As I expected, it became deep at night and early in the morning, so I was a little tired.

A few people in charge were busy at the front desk.

First of all, the boy advanced the seat and brought me a cold towel.

It was a good service because I was sweaty.



I took a rest and sat on the sofa waiting for check-in.



I was also hungry, so I wanted to check in early and relax in the room, but since I was sitting on the sofa as it was, the Chinese family of the customer started checking in at one of the counters.

Well, it’s the turn, so I sat down and waited, and it seemed that some couples had arrived at the hotel, and I came to the front desk.

After a while, the Middle Eastern man who came after me somehow started the check-in procedure before me.

The front desk didn’t mind me waiting for me first, so I started checking in the man normally.


The other person in charge of the front desk had finished dealing with the previous person, so I thought it was my turn, but this time I interrupted the couple standing near the front desk. .


Did you come to the front desk and watched me sitting on the sofa and waiting?

Movenpick is a 4 star, right? (Although it was ranked 5 stars on Hotels.com)

Isn’t it a 3 star or 2 star hotel?

Didn’t the customer stand in front of the front desk, wait in line at the front desk, and wait until the customer can respond?

It’s a way of dealing with the frustrated front desk of the 4 star hotels I’ve stayed at so far!

I wouldn’t believe if this were a 5 star hotel.

I understand that the front desk work is busy, but I wanted the customer to say that if they had to stand up and wait for the check-in order,

If not, at least figure out the order in which your customers are waiting! !! !! ,I thought.

Why are there so many sofas and chairs in front of the front desk?

Isn’t it because you don’t let your customers walk unnecessarily, so that you can sit in and check in??

Although I was very dissatisfied, I checked in and was guided to the room.

In the end, some groups were ahead of us and waited for over 20 minutes…

I Show you the room I stayed at the first night

Classic Room (Queen)

Classic Room (Queen)のお部屋

Let’s regain our mind and stay today.

It was a weekday, but it was 23,000 yen at Hotels.com.

It’s a little expensive.

If you make a reservation a while ago, I think you can stay for around 18,000 yen.

On the first day, I stayed in a room with a balcony and a little edge.

The boy carried the luggage to the room and briefly explained the equipment in the room.

I handed 100 pesos to the tip.

I’m always at a loss, but isn’t it rude if I hand over such a time?

How do you decide the amount of chips?

Is 50 peso really good? I also thought, but one meal at the food court at the airport in Manila was 130 pesos, so I thought about 100 pesos would be appropriate and set it to 100 pesos.

Previously, when I traveled to Cambodia, I chartered the car for a few days and gave a tip to the driver on the last day, but I thought that I paid enough for the charter fee of the day, so I do not give a tip too much. It was (I intended to hand it over normally.)

I regret that the uncle of the driver who received the tip was laughing with a face like “This is it?”, And since then I try to give more tips.

On the other hand, I’ve heard that if you give too many chips, the sense of money of the local people will go wrong and the price of local people will rise.

What to do with the amount of tip is one of the troubles overseas.

Well, the story has gone a long way, but the room I passed through was a 27-square-meter classic queen room.

The blue color scheme based on the sea is wonderful.

I like the big mirror, too.





The bathroom washbasin was made wider, so I didn’t feel the space was narrow at all.

The bathroom is a type with only half of which is partitioned by glass, and there is no door.

The bathtub is a tropical country this time, so I didn’t make it a required item.

In this hotel, rooms with bathtubs seem to come from premium rooms.

It was the type of handheld showerhead and the type of shower that came out from above.

Amenity is also contained in a small tube of shampoo, conditioner, body soap and body lotion with a slight coconut scent.

There were enough items such as toothbrushes, shower caps, cotton swabs and cotton sets.

(The toothbrush is an oversized size that I often meet overseas. It’s too big for Japanese people, so I often bring my own toothbrush.)





I arrived late on the first day, so I was hungry, but I was tired, so I finished it easily at the hotel restaurant.

The second night room was ocean view room with big balcony!



From the second day onwards, it’s a Superior Twin room with a veranda in the building in front of the front where we meet with a friend.

It was about 23500 yen per night including service charge.

The room has a large twin balcony. I could see the sea, but only a little.

You can have a good impression in a clean room based on white, brown and green.




Superior ツインのお部屋





There is no bathtub, but the washroom and toilet are wide, and the amount of hot water in the shower is strong.

The towels are fluffy and comfortable.



This hotel seems to have about 300 guest rooms, and the site is quite large.

There is a large pool and jacuzzi in the middle of the hotel, and the private beach spreads out just beyond the pool.

It takes about 30 minutes by shuttle bus to the downtown area centering on the mall called Station 1, so it is an ideal hotel for those who want to relax at the hotel without going to the city too much.

Going to Movenpick Boracay Hotel Pool



I was able to check in at 2 o’clock in the twin room, so I took a break and headed straight to the pool!

There are several lodging buildings, but there is a large pool in the center of the hotel, surrounded by buildings.

The pool is really large!

It is designed so that it is not too deep, so it is safe for children to play.

There are many large beach sofas by the pool, so you can easily find a place to lie down comfortably.




There were many sofas especially in the space near the beach.

It’s nice to sit on this couch from about sunset and have a drink at the bar while gazing at the evening sea.

The bar is open from noon, so it’s fun to just enjoy a cup of water while watching the ocean.



The sunshine during the day is glaring.

It was already around 30 degrees in late May when I stayed.

The pool also offers activity equipment such as floats for both adults and children to enjoy.



If you want to stay away from the sun, get a sofa near the children’s pool from the morning.

It’s nice to have a swim before enjoying the sunset when the evening sun is about to settle down.

Let’s enjoy Movenpick Boracay Hotel Private Beach!



The sea of ​​the beach of this hotel has excellent transparency, and the people are sparse and can really relax and enjoy the resort beach.

The beach is white and this is the beach! Feeling that.

In the past, it seems that it was okay to leave parasols and chairs on the beach in front of the hotel, but now it seems that it is not possible to install such equipment unless there is a few meters from seawater, by law. I heard from the hotel that they are applying for a permit.

In the future, it will be extremely convenient if beach umbrellas and chairs are prepared in front of the hotel’s private beach and you can order a drink or something on the spot.



I think the photo clearly conveys the beauty of the sea.

This is the sea of ​​the private beach in front of the hotel!

The transparency is not perfect.

It’s insanely beautiful!

The sand is powdery and feels smooth when you enter the sea.

I was quite angry when I checked in, but when I saw this beach, I forgot everything!

Isn’t it beautiful!?

I’m impressed!

There were few people swimming, so the sand wasn’t rolled up and it was so clear that I could see my feet clearly in the sea.

The sea in front of the hotel is a little deeper, but the small bay in front of the adjacent Crimson Hotel is shallow, so you can enjoy the sea with fine sand beneath it.

It is recommended to try both.



You can get a bath towel from the hotel pool before you go to the beach, so you should bring it.

There is not enough fish to do snorkeling, but the water is so clear that you can see the small fish swimming in it with the naked eye.

Just swimming while looking at the sea is so much fun, so I definitely want you to try it.

After 5:30 pm when the sun sets, you can just vacantly watch the incredibly beautiful sunset slowly set in.





You can just watch the sunset go by without doing anything. .

I was spending time at the beach thinking that it was a resort.

The sun sets slowly.



Try Breakfast!!



We have breakfast at The Market next to Saam in the Asian restaurant.

Go inside and tell the clerk your room number.



Breakfast is buffet style, and there are many kinds of Filipino dishes, continental and freshly baked omelettes, sushi, miso soup, chicken soup-based noodles, and so on.







Please note that it is divided into a section where vegetables and desserts are placed, a section where bread and main dishes are placed, and a section where drinks such as juice are placed.



We also have salad vegetables.

Smoked chicken beside the salad section? ,It was very delicious.

I didn’t get tired of eating it for at least 3 consecutive days, so I think it was thanks to the chefs who thought up the menu so that they wouldn’t get tired every day.

Next time, I’d be happy if smoked salmon or ham is prepared.



The person in charge may make the noodle soup.

For my own noodle soup, I didn’t know what to do after boiling the noodles and left a large amount of noodles in the pan.

I wasn’t sure how to make the correct answer, but this chicken-based soup was delicious.

it’s recommended.

I was almost satisfied with the food, but when I dared to express my complaint, I was confused because I was not sure whether it would be a self-service or a guide from the reception of the room number to the seat.

In addition, it is difficult to understand the flow line in the cafeteria, the salad / dessert section, the drink section, the bread and the main buffet dining and the served area are separated, so it is difficult to understand what is where and when you can not eat salad It was a pity that it was there.

It was sad that there was no mango in the dessert.

I guess it wasn’t the season yet.

I wanted to eat sweet mango.

Asian restaurant Saam and Italian restaurant Breeza

There is a restaurant centered on Asian cuisine on one side across the pool.
I think it was Saam, but you can order Filipino, Chinese, Korean and Japanese dishes.
On the other side, there is an Italian restaurant called Breeza, where an Italian chef is working.

When the sun went down, I tried the hotel’s Italian restaurant.

I think it’s a good idea to keep your budget in the range of JPY 2500-4000 per person.

I ordered the salad recommended by the chef, bruschetta, four kinds of cheese pizza and vongole pasta.

The salad was delicious with a light and sour salad made by cutting nuts and basil sauce while cutting vegetables and watermelon.

Bruschetta also had delicious tomatoes, and I thought Vongole was oil-based, but it was tomato sauce-based.

The tomato sauce was so delicious that I wanted more pasta to make pasta.

It was named Vongole, but the shells are super mini size (extra-large wrinkle size).

I thought “Please put in a bigger shell!”, but I’m sure there was shellfish ias to add some seasoning.

Pasta was not so-called al dente, but rather the chewy noodles that had the texture of raw pasta.
It was delicious and delicious.

Cheese pizza must be a delicious dish for those who like cheese.

The rich flavor of cheese allows you to feel the taste of various types of cheese.

The cheese was a little too thick on my tongue, but it wasn’t bad, it was simply delicious because I wasn’t good at cheese.

I forgot to take a picture of the food partly because I was crazy about eating and because the seats were dark.

Please go and try it!



Enjoy Chocolate time

A cafe beside the lobby of Moevenpick has chocolate time every day.

We do from 4pm to 5pm.

You can eat chocolate in small pieces.

This chocolate is very high quality and I am not good at chocolate so it is delicious! I thought.

There is also free water service, but those who want to drink with coffee can order drinks at the attached cafe.

The kids were looking forward to it, and it was cute to flock around the chocolates every day and work hard.



My overall hotel impression

The service, food and facilities were also satisfactory.

This is a hotel that I would definitely recommend to my friends, and I would love to use it again.

There is nothing to complain about especially the location.

I visited the neighboring Crimson Hotel, but it was a stylish hotel with a staircase going down from the entrance to the beach.

At Movenpick, the beach goes down about 20 steps from the front, but you can also walk on a gently sloped road, so you didn’t feel the rugged terrain inside the hotel.

Personally, I feel that a hotel with many stairs is inconvenient to use no matter how expensive, so in this sense, staying at Movenpick was wonderful.

The peaceful and beautiful private beach in front of you is the best.

I wanted the front desk service to be improved a little.

I didn’t say I had a bad attitude, but I was very frustrated because it took too long to check in and check out, despite the number of people I could handle.

I was also disappointed when I saw a large Chinese family trying to check in out of order.

I was sad because I thought that customers with a small number of people or waiting quietly could not be treated.

Separately from the front desk, a clerk will be placed and the order will be arranged so that the customer can sit on the sofa and do the work (copy of passport and writing of documents) before check-in. If you do money related work such as deposit and sign the final documents, check-in and check-out will be a little smoother, so I think that stress will be reduced.

If the customer sits down on the sofa and the front desk staff is willing to go back and forth between the front desk and the sofa, the customer may feel more hospitality.

This may be the reason why the ratings are bisected on Hotels.com and other sites.

However, since the location and facilities are so wonderful, I think this is a part that can be improved sufficiently by devising management and employees.

Upon investigation, it seems that this hotel was originally another hotel called Sol Marina Resort Boracay instead of Movenpick.

It seems that there is another owner, and it may be in the stage of matching the level of service and employee education with other Movenpick hotels.

I think I will come back again, so I would like to expect it next time.

(It’s just an individual opinion. I don’t intend to drop the hotel rating.)

Other services to note

After checking out, the hotel’s high-speed ferry took us to the Caticlan ferry terminal by high-speed boat, and we also provided a shuttle bus to the airport, which was very helpful.

In Boracay, it seems that even domestic flights must arrive at the airport 3 hours in advance.

I often see people who are vague, but if it’s a rule, it can’t be helped.

Normally, it takes about 1 hour to get to the ferry terminal using the e-trike, but with the hotel’s high-speed ferry, it took about 30 minutes to get to the ferry terminal.

So I had time to check in.



When I confirmed the day before, it should have been said that the return ferry fee was included in the room rate, but after my departure my friend charged an additional 500 pesos so I paid for it It said.


When I contacted the hotel after returning, he said that he charged the terminal usage fee and environmental tax separately from the ferry fee.

However, that was also 275 pesos per person, so I still do not know the breakdown of 500 pesos. What the hell is that? .

If you call yourself a 5 star hotel, I think that the fact that the amount of the billed amount for the front desk is unclear is also a honest way to deal with a 5 star hotel, so I would like to improve it.

A four-star hotel can still be forgiven… No, I can’t forgive you..

(Added June 24, 2019: After two email exchanges with the hotel, I was told that the charged 500 pesos was wrong and I would refund it. I do not know when I will come back .

Originally, 100 pesos should have been charged for the return terminal usage fee and environmental tax. )

I still have doubts about the clerical procedure, but thanks to the transfer by private ferry, I was able to eat breakfast until the last minute.

Check-out may take some luck, but it will take some time, so be sure to act early!

I’ll go again! Boracay island.

Please find a reasonable price and stay overnight. ↓↓

Movenpick Check availability of Movenpick Boracay

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