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(Vietnam) Hotel review:Stayed at Tan Hoang Long Hotel in Ho Chi Ming City

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Reasonable hotel convenient for walking around town


Tan Hoang Long Hotel in Ho Chi Ming City location by GoogleMap

This time, I plan to stay for 4 nights in Ho Chi Minh, so I chose a hotel that is convenient for walking around the city.

It is a hotel “Tan Hoang Long Hotel” in the Dong Khoi area, and it has a star rating of 2 to 2.5 stars.

There are 2 types of rooms, 2 types with or without windows, 4 types in total.

When I went to Hanoi last time, I took a room for about 5,000 yen per night, but although the location was quite convenient, I could not see the outside view from the window, so I want to take a sun bath! so I thought.

So, this time I chose a room with a wide window ant and it costs about 5000 yen per night. (Still cheap enough)

If you want a little more compact room, you can stay cheaper.

Although it may change depending on the season, it was about 3000 yen per night at the same time.

Hotels in Vietnam are very reasonable!

As it is a reasonable hotel, facilities and amenities are necessary and sufficient.

The hotel itself is compact.


Hotel Front View


Room inside(Window side)



From the window, you can see the city, the sky deck, and the lit up of a luxury hotel, and the room is quite large considering this price range.



My room had a bathtub and a shower room.

(Some rooms do not have a bathtub)

The large room with windows that I stayed at faces the road, but there is a neon sign on the wall facing the road of the hotel and it shines brightly at night.

Of course there is a thick curtain in the room so there is no problem!



The hotel recommends a breakfast room on the rooftop.

There are restaurant seats where the terrace and the inside air conditioner are working, but if it’s not that hot, it’s more liberating to eat on the terrace seats.

Breakfast is from 7 o’clock, but it seems that few people had breakfast early in the morning, and when I got up early due to jet lag, I saw almost no one except me.

It was not a buffet style, but a style of choosing from a menu and ordering.



On another day, I also ate beef pho.







There was a table, some chairs, and a drink bar, although it wasn’t that big, at the restaurant venue in the air-conditioned room.





This time, I booked from Agoda, but at the time of booking I was able to arrange a taxi at the same time.

I’m new to Ho Chi Minh and I don’t know what it is, and the price is not as high as 1200 yen, so I asked for it this time.

Before I left Japan, I got a mail from the driver saying, “I’m waiting with a board with my name written on it!”

There are fixed-fare taxis at the airport, and you can also use the dispatch app Grab that can be used in Asia, so there are other ways to focus on cost.

* On my way back from the hotel to the airport, it cost about 300 yen at Grab (haha)

The interior furnishings of this hotel are similar to those of the Showa era and there is no swimming pool, but the convenience was very good!

The opera, post office, church, Saigon Skydeck and Ben Thanh Market are within walking distance.

Ho Chi Minh seems to have a lot of pickpockets, so I recommend using taxis and Grabs, but I like walking, so I walked while paying attention.

Also, there is a currency exchange store called Hunlong right next to the hotel, and the rates are reasonable.

It’s from 7am to 10pm.

A massage shop is also located in the semi basement of the hotel, and there are cafes and Pho shops across from the hotel.

At the convenience store, there is a ministop at the place where you left the hotel and turned to the right.

I can speak English, of course, and the staff worked very nicely, which made me feel good.

Especially the person in charge of breakfast was a very friendly aunt, remembering that I had breakfast on the terrace on the first day, and when I went on the second day, I asked, “Do you eat on the terrace today? Asked? ”

Free Wifi is also included.

Tan Hoang Long Hotel is recommended for these people

Overall, this is a good hotel for active people who want to spend a few nights in Ho Chi Minh City and want to actively go sightseeing in the city.

Anyway, the convenience is the best, and the cospa is also very good.

Breakfast does not have many items, but it was delicious and I really liked it.

The room is reasonably large, so it’s recommended for families planning to stay overnight.

The view from the window is not so great, but I enjoyed the view of the city of Ho Chi Minh City and the sky deck overlooking the city.

If you would like to stay at a luxury hotel, I recommend the Sheraton Yare Berry Saigon Hotel.

This time the air ticket was cheap at 28,000 yen for a round trip, and the hotel was a little over 15,000 yen for 4 nights, so I could enjoy Ho Chi Minh for 50,000 to 60,000 yen.

In addition, taxis are very cheap in Ho Chi Minh City, so if you go a little away, depending on the location and time of day, you may want to actively use taxis.

When going to Ho Chi Minh, we recommend Tan Hoang Long Hotel!

Check availability of Tan Hoang Long Hotel in Ho Chi Ming City

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