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Hotel Review: Double tree by Hilton Naha in OKINAWA

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Join Hilton Gold Status and stay at Double Tree by Hilton Naha

I stayed at Double Tree by Hilton Naha.


From GoogleMap

Since I have a “Hilton Honors VISA Card” gold card issued by Sumitomo Mitsui Card, Hilton affiliates will be treated as Gold members.

It’s a very convenient service because Gold members who usually have to stay a lot can only get a credit card!

The current campaign is

Between 2020/1/6 and 2020/9/7,

When you stay at the Hilton brand,

Earn a bonus of 2,000 points per stay, plus 10,000 points for every 10 additional nights

ヒルトン・オナーズVISAカード 三井住友HPより

From Hilton Honors

Even if you have already made a reservation and are not a member of Hilton Owners, if you register as a member before you stay, you will be a Hilton Owner member at the end of your stay, and you can earn points.

For example, if you stay one night every weekend from late May, you can get 15 nights, so you can earn 15 nights x 2000 points plus 10,000 points every 10 nights.

15 x 2000 = 30,000 points

10 night bonus 10,000 points

You can get 40,000 points in total.

It seems that points can be used for accommodation and shopping, but for accommodation, you can use from 5,000 points per night in the standard room.

Please note that you must complete your stay during the campaign, so if you check in on September 6th, 2020 and check out on September 8th, you will not be eligible for the campaign. I want to attach it.

In addition, this campaign seems to be effective only when making a reservation from the Hilton website, so it seems that bookings from external sites and stays on tours are not applicable regardless of the price.

To receive the service, make your booking directly from the Doubletree website rather than through an agency or hotel search site.

Double Tree by Hilton Website

From double tree HP

From double tree HP

Breakfast is served and room upgrades are more likely, so I book a cheaper room at the time of booking.

I’m looking forward to upgrading the room!

Check-in Double tree by Hilton Naha


Double Tree by Hilton Naha entrance

Well, I checked in to Double Tree by Hilton.

I was wondering if the room upgrade would be negotiated at the front desk on the day of check-in.

In fact, the day before my stay, I was informed by the hotel that I had upgraded the room.

It’s a good service to let us know in advance, not at check-in.

Also, a PDF is attached to the email sent from DoubleTree by Hilton, so you can tell us about Naha’s tourist information and recommended restaurants.

The location of the hotel is right in front of Asahibashi station.

It’s about 10 minutes from the airport and a 2 minute walk from the monorail ticket gate.

It’s pretty close.

Services for VIP members

There were several VIP member services at check-in.

  • Book breakfast time at VIP breakfast room
  • Breakfast one-piece service (either Rafute, sea grapes, French toast)
  • Beverage service for plastic bottles (either Shiquasar, Sanpincha, or beer)
  • Service ticket for up to 2 cups at the bar as a welcome drink
  • Amenity service
  • Late check-out service (I do not use it)

It’s a great service just to list items like this.

The lobby was spacious and there was a concierge as a matter of course.


Hotel robby


Concierge desk

You can get a chocolate chip cookie at the time of check-in though it is written on the website of Double Tree by Hilton.

It’s a little thoughtful, but I was happy when I received some food.



And I ate it immediately.

The guest rooms are up to the 12th floor, and the bar space has a drink service with beer and soft drinks.

I don’t know how many rooms there are, but since there are only two elevators, there are times when it is difficult to use, such as being unable to board depending on the time of day.

Currency exchange machine

Currency exchange machine

Entering to upgraded rooms

By the way, regarding the contents of this upgrade, I had you upgrade from a cheap room of 19 sqm with a queen bed to a 26 sqm room with a king size bed in a corner room!!


King-size bed!

My room was a corner room but had only one window.

I’m not looking at the other rooms, so I don’t know if the view is good or bad, but it is the position overlooking the prefectural office over the Yui Rail.

The beds are so big that I wonder how to use them.

By the way, this bed and two singles seem to be connected, and you can see the seam in the middle from the top of the sheets.

So it’s uncomfortable to sleep in the middle, so I only use half of it.

This room is not a “bed as soon as you enter” but a room with a proper entrance hall.

Thanks to that there is no sound from the other rooms.

Furnishings in the room include a king size bed, desk, sofa and air purifier.


Room is very relaxing

It was hard to open the drawer of the desk, but since I do not use it, there is no problem.

Personally, I’m happy to have a large desk where I can work on a computer and keep my skin tone.

I am grateful for the free water they put in.


Room desk

There is a coffee machine in the room, and tea and tea are also available.


Coffee machine

Also, the amenities are the same as those of Hilton, and the bathtub is wide so you can take a good rest.


Amenities are same as Hilton

After all, the spacious space is calm.

I was able to store hot water in the bathtub and slowly soak it in it.

The size of this bathtub is nice.


Spacious design of washbasin and bathtub

It is comfortable as it has gauze material pajamas.

I went to the hotel bar

I got a drink service ticket so I got only one cup.

Drinks are not like ordering, but rather like a drink bar.

Bar lounge

Bar lounge

Although it was on the 8th floor on the homepage, it was on the 1st floor next to the lobby.

Besides drinks, there are some desserts and snacks.


Drink service


Cholocate cake


Wine is also served

Breakfast will be served at the breakfast venue

Next day was a good weather.


Okinawa View from the room

I’m hungry when I wake up, so I’m going to have breakfast.

The breakfast venue is the same venue as the bar.

The front side was for general guests and the back side was for VIP guests.


Breakfast area for VIP

I had a lot of hospitality such as getting cookies at check-in and drinks at the drink bar, so I was looking forward to the breakfast and looking forward to it.

At first glance, it seems that there are many items, but I think it was not my favorite menu.

I felt that the number of items was small.


Buffet stand


Varieties of bread

Unfortunately, satisfaction is low.

I was expecting too much, so I was disappointed.

Is it something like this?




French toast

In addition, the capacity of the venue is smaller than the number of guest rooms, so it is very crowded.

I wonder if I expected too much.

There are quite a wide variety of drinks and desserts, so I thought that I had a good balance around them.


Desert area


Hot drink area

Impressions of staying at DoubleTree by Hilton

I stayed at Double Tree for the first time, but it was a hotel where I could feel the hospitality, probably because it was VIP.

The bathtub was wide and I was slowly immersed in hot water.

After all, the fatigue of traveling is difficult to unravel unless you soak in hot water.

The breakfast was a little lower than expected because the expectations were too high, but overall there is no complaint.

It’s close to the airport and the access is good, so I recommend you to say something.

I think you can enjoy it even without a Hilton Gold Card, and if you would like to stay overnight before enjoying VIP hospitality, Agoda is recommended.

Find the cheapest price in Agoda and try it.

Check availability of the room

Double tree by Hilton (ダブルツリーbyヒルトン)

Address:  Higashimachi3-15, Naha-city, Okinawa, Japan  (沖縄県那覇市東町3−15)


Closest Station:2minutes walk from Asahibashi station (旭橋駅から徒歩2分)

My comment:It is also convenient for those who use the bus terminal of Asahibashi.

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