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New Ferry: Sunflower Murasaki (From Osaka to Beppu) Episode2

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This is a continuation of “New Ship Sunflower Murasaki (Osaka-Beppu) Part 1”.

Here is the first part.

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Room type

Sunflower on the Osaka-Beppu route is divided into “Suite“, “Deluxe“, “Superior” and “Private“, but if you make a reservation for one person, “Suite” and “Deluxe” will not appear as candidates. .

“Superior” is a private room and the room can be locked.

“Private” has a shared room that cannot be locked and a semi-private room that can be locked from the inside only when entering the room.

This time, the TV monitor, washroom, toilet, and shower are in a private room, so you won’t be bothered by other passengers.

Unfortunately, “Superior” and “Private” do not have windows because they are located in the center of the ship.

There was no window, so there was no cell phone signal.

If you want to watch videos, please download them in advance.

Superior single room

After boarding, I entered the reserved superior single room.

This is around the bed. The size is single, and there is one 100V outlet and one USB port at the bedside, which is convenient.

スーペリアシングル ベッド

The bedside fridge has plenty of space.

The shop on the ship is not open at night, so if you buy it and bring it to your room, you can keep it refrigerated here.

スーペリアシングル 冷蔵庫

Separately, there is a large enough TV monitor at your feet.

Here you can see information about the ship, how crowded the public baths and restaurants are, and the weather forecast.

Image quality is not very good.

スーペリアシングル テレビモニター

There is also a strangely shaped table and chairs in the room.

A small PC might work, but I ended up using it as a luggage rack.

There is also an air purifier and disposable slippers as shown on the left foot.

スーペリアシングル デスク

The air conditioner controller on the side of the entrance door and the main body of the air conditioner on the ceiling.

Is this a hotel? It was so beautiful that I felt it.

スーペリアシングル エアコンコントローラー

Made by Daikin. Very popular brand in Japan.

スーペリアシングル エアコン本体

Washroom, toilet and shower booth. I thought how luxurious it would be to be able to occupy this place on board.

However, there is also a large public bath on board, and there are also shared showers, so there is no need for private showers.

スーペリアシングル 洗面所など

Amenities are very simple, toothbrush set, hand towel, and room wear.

The indoor wear is like a thin bathrobe and unfortunately it is not a separate top and bottom.

Some people, such as those who use the large public bath, were walking around the ship in this indoor wear.

スーペリアシングル アメニティ

Other facilities on board

A guide to the onboard elevator. Although it is written that the observation deck is only on the 7th floor, it is actually on the 8th floor.

However, it is not available unless you are in the room on the 8th floor.

さんふわあ むらさき エレベーター

If there is space in the room, it seems that you can upgrade at the reception.

Even if you are alone, there is a window! It seems that you can use “Suite” and “Deluxe” in this way in any case.

However, the cost performance is not good because it costs extra. I would like to use it with at least two people.

さんふらわあ むらさき 空室状況

There is a “QR key reissue machine (duplicate)” on the 6th floor.

If you use it alone, you can only get one piece of paper with the QR key written on it, so it seems to be useful for “making a copy just in case”.

When holding the QR key over the glass surface on the right side, the paper on which the QR was printed was output.

Keep the original in your pocket and the copy in your wallet.

さんふわあ むらさき QRキー再発行機

There is a large public bath for men on the right side of the 7th floor, and a large public bath for women on the left side.

There are shared showers that can be used 24 hours a day, and public baths that cannot be used from 23:00 to 5:15.

The inside is very spacious. It is the size that dozens of people can use it at the same time.

さんふらわあ むらさき 大浴場

There was also a massage machine on the 7th floor that you can use for 15 minutes for 200 yen.

I also made good use of it♪

If you don’t have coins, prepare some at the change machine mentioned in the first part.

さんふらわあ むらさき マッサージ機

Although it is attached to another route, the Osaka-Beppu route also has a dog run so that you can use it with your pet.

さんふらわあ むらさき ドッグラン

Restaurant (Dinner)

There is a restaurant at the back of the 6th floor, but the opening hours are limited.

Dinner: 18:00-21:00

Breakfast: 5:45-6:45

さんふらわあ むらさき レストラン利用時間

Both dinner and breakfast will be buffet style, but the price seems to have risen a little.
the dinner buffet
Adult: 2,300- (Abount 18USD)

Children: 1,000- (About 7USD)

Infant: 500- (About 3.5USD)

the breakfast buffet

Adult: 750- (Abount 5USD)

Children: 500- (Abount 3.5USD)

Infant: 300- (Abount 2.3USD)

Dinner is a little expensive and breakfast is cheap. . .

さんふらわあ むらさき レストラン利用料金

There is a self-order machine at the entrance of the restaurant.

Even though it was self-service, there was a staff member who gave me advice during operation.

さんふらわあ むらさき レストラン入口

Buffet space.

Actually, it was the last minute for business hours at this time, so the staff was starting to clean up.

There was enough food, but maybe it would have been better if it had come sooner.

さんふらわあ むらさき ビュッフェ

If you use dinner, this drink bar was also included.

Draft beer on the far left was an additional charge of 500-, but I poured beer without hesitation.

さんふらわあ むらさき ドリンクバー

There are two beer servers in the restaurant, Asahi on the front side (front) and Sapporo on the back side (rear).

さんふらわあ むらさき ビールサーバー

I wanted to use the restaurant for breakfast, but I had dinner late and ate a lot, so I didn’t get hungry in the morning and gave up using the buffet.

I definitely want to use it next time.

outboard scenery

It is a funnel (chimney) where you can see the newness even in the photo.

Is there no odor because it is LNG? I thought, but the exhaust gas smelled as it was right after the engine started.

さんふらわあ むらさき ファンネル

This is the logo of “Sunflower Murasaki” on the 7th floor deck.
It was a shooting spot.

さんふらわあ むらさき ロゴ

The stairs leading from the 7th floor deck to the 8th floor deck are off limits at Sunflower Murasaki.
I think it’s probably a consideration that only passengers in the suite on the 8th floor can use it.
Of course, there are so many considerations.

さんふらわあ むらさき デッキ階段

In May, the sun sets at a time close to the departure time.

さんふらわあ むらさき 日の入り

I could see the sunset over the aisle seen from the deck.

さんふらわあ むらさき 日の入り②

This is the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge, which will pass in a little over an hour after leaving the port.

There were many failed shots due to shooting with a smartphone, so I will post two photos that look beautiful.

These are pictures before and after passing the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge.

Many passengers were filmed.

さんふらわあ むらさき 明石海峡大橋①

さんふらわあ むらさき 明石海峡大橋②

My thoughts

Sunflower has also been used on the Oarai-Tomakomai route, but in comparison

・Low shaking

・Beautiful (unique to new ships)

・The atrium is cool

・Navigation time of 12 hours is just right

was. I would love to use them again!

It is already used by foreigners, but as you can see from the availability above, it is not so crowded.

If you are interested, please use it!

The prices in the article may change, so please check the official website when using.

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